Agile and SPICE

Automotive SPICE® is a reference model that certifies to automotive suppliers that they work in a way minimizing risks of a defect on electronic control units.

Germany/Reutlingen, 24 April 2020

Automotive SPICE is therefore very helpful in the development of ECUs, circuit boards and software.

SPICE was developed about 15 years ago by OEMs and large suppliers organized in the VDA and is currently available in version 3.1. SPICE assessments are nowadays used by many OEMs as criterion for awarding contracts, increasingly required to participate in a tender. The model describes all measures necessary to observe during development of an ECU.

Marelli Automotive Lighting, currently on Level 2 of SPICE goes even beyond that. We united SPICE model with agile methods. There is a widespread belief that SPICE and agile methods don't match. We prove the opposite: to be agile in the automotive sector, you need SPICE Level 2. If you live clean SPICE, and you act agile with the same cleanliness, both systems are affirmed and back each other.

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