MARCUS 2019: Digital Light receives Prize as a “Road Map”

The independent jury of experts, chaired by Dr. Thomas Hametner (ÖAMTC), chose the Digital Light, a new headlamp technology resulting from a development cooperation between Daimler and Automotive Lighting.

During the award ceremony for the Marcus prizewinners (top photo from left): Gottfried Wanitschek (ÖAMTC President), Helmut Ortinau (Automotive Lighting), Marc Boderke (Mercedes-Benz) and Cornelia Lex (Deputy Head of Driver Assistance, Driving Dynamics and Chassis Research, Graz University of Technology)

Reutlingen, March 19.

“The new technology creates almost unlimited possibilities for an ideal, high-resolution light distribution that adapts optimally to the environmental conditions,” explained ÖAMTC Director Oliver Schmerold at the Marcus Gala 2019.

With over a million micro-mirrors per headlamp, this innovative technology creates ideal lighting conditions and enables groundbreaking driver assistance and communication with the driver: for example, in the form of extended pedestrian markings or guide lines projected onto the road when driving through a construction site. They correspond to the overall width of the car and thus help the driver to orient himself better.

The Marcus Prize was awarded to the winners for the seventh time on 15 March 2019 at the ÖAMTC Mobility Center in Vienna-Erdberg. The Marcus was awarded to the most economical and safest new passenger car models launched on the Austrian market last year.

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